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Cr Disabling K-Band Solution Because most of these sensors operate on K-band, many radar detector users have resorted to disabling this band on their detector. The problem with this is of course encountering an officer who is using a K-band radar gun and getting a speeding ticket. Because these sensors only caar a short, Escort car radar detectors burst of radar every minute, the solution was to simply delay the alert time of a K-band radar alert on the detector by a second or two. A side benefit was that this delay was found to be somewhat successful in reducing the false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors, but negatively affected the detector's ability to sniff out real instant-on police K-band radar speed traps.

Smart Anti-Collision Filtering Due to the impact these anti-collision sensors have had on radar detectors, manufacturers have already stepped up to the plate to offer their own unique solutions to this increasing threat. Most notably, those companies include StingerEscort, and Valentine Research. In the truest sense, the Stinger VIP radar defense system is not a radar detector, but a spectrum analyzer.

Radar Detectors

Created in Holland where the use of radar detectors is strictly prohibited, the Stinger was developed as a car computer with a spectrum analyzer, able to sweep the same radar bands used by police. One distinct advantage Stinger has over all its competitors is that detrctors has the ability Escort car radar detectors learn your car's unique radar signatures and filter them completely out without affecting the performance of detecting real police threats. Because radra this, the Stinger system is by far the best available today to block out false deetectors caused by all the in-car radar systems. InEscort filed a US patent US A1 for its solution to suppress alerts caused by vehicle guidance rafar, and its first detector to utilize this technology was Camera sluts into the Passport Max radar detector.

In basic terms, Escort addressed this problem by identifying the DNA signature of these anti-collision sensors and created a filtering algorithm that is incorporated into its digital signal algorithm DSP to block out these false alerts. Escogt of Escort's biggest advantages in this fight is that each time it identifies a new guidance system, it can incorporate the filtering capabilities into a new firmware update, which the user can then download online and install into their detector. Although successful in reducing false alerts caused by the anti-collision sensors, it does add an extra second or so of delay to alert to a real police K-band threat. When you look at the device, your eyes will not be on the road, so driving is more dangerous for you and pedestrians.

In this case, you can get a ticket, for installing radar detector on this place. Sadly, there are several more drawbacks. On parking lot, your device will be exposed to thieves. On the other side, when a police officer checks your car, he will see that you use a radar detector. The last but not least drawback is that drivers behind you will monitor your radar detector, so in a case of emergency, they can crash their car into yours. Even better is a fact that it will be more efficient in this way, because it will detect the radar gun beam much sooner.

Another advantage is that in this case, a radar detector can detect the laser gun beam as well, so it makes it more efficient. The best place to mount radar detector that are designed to be concealed Concealed radio detectors are different than conventional radio detectors. They are designed to be used in countries that forbid using these devices. All of them have a small size, so it is easy to hide them. The best place for them is behind the steering wheel or low on the main console where you can cover them with something.

Some drivers, mount them behind the sun visor. This is also a good place, but do not keep your ID or papers behind the sun visor when a police officer pulls you over, you will reveal a radar detector when looking for your documents. The best place to mount radar detector Permanent installation Permanent installation means that you are installing a radar detector that cannot be removed easily.

This is a time consuming process, because you will have to drill detectots in Esclrt to mount the sensors. Cables pass through the front part of your car, so installation raddar more complicated and complete. A good side is that these radar detectors are more efficient that windshield-mounted models. In this case, the best place to mount radar detector is around a registration plate, because police officers usually direct radar gun to a registration plate. Vehicles that have darker colors, should use a radar detector mounted low on a car, in order to detect the radar gun beam sooner. On the other side, vehicles with brighter colors should have a radar detector mounted on a high position, in order to detect radar gun as soon as possible.

In addition, radar and laser jammers are forbidden.