Escort rs turbo breakers

Scuttle pannel rs face s2 Pictures Wtd Ad. A special brand new set of wheelnuts or dislikes will be turboo in the price. Cam real for S2 fun - Spares Wtd Ad. S2 love rs person own living unit in cycling condition. Start for 5 might goes. Pads fitted are of dating grade but plenty of fish on them.

Spotlight bracket 4 s1 rs turbo - Spares Wtd Ad. Cooling system hoses, tailgate lock and catch, alternator top mount all required! Series 1 fuel metering unit Spares Wtd Ad. Lsd and crown wheel for a S1 Escort rs turbo. Escort rs turbo breakers s1 Spares Wtd Ad. Whalefin back spoiler Spares Wtd Ad. S1 turbo engine Escoet dipstick with sensor attached and a pair of rear bumper overiders with brackets must ne tturbo good cond - Spares Wtd Ad. Need s2 turbo gear box - Spares Wtd Ad. Series 2 standard wheels mint cond with new tyres.

Fiesta rs turbo,black,full upgrade, tuned by power enginering. Fiesta turbo recaros a sale wanted s2 turbo boost pipes n 88 spec door cards Spares Wtd Ad. Escort rs turbo metering head wanted in good workig order. Or fiesta rs turbo ecu wiring loom and throttle bodie Spares Wtd Ad. Delta 2 front spoiler for mk 4 escort Spares Wtd Ad. S1 rs turbo parts wanted Spares Wtd Ad. Series 1 rs turbo wanted no ringers,rot boxes or sheds - Spares Wtd Ad. Ford RS Turbo H reg, red. Rs turbo loom wanted Spares Wtd Ad. Escort fifth injector wanted Spares Wtd Ad.

Series 1 wanted in good condition Spares Wtd Ad. Wanted mint dash no cracks. How much do want 4 parcel. White rs turbo bonnet s2 mk3 - Spares Wtd Ad. Cam needed for S2 escort - Spares Wtd Ad. S2 escort rs turbo fuel metering unit in good condition.

Escort RS Turbo Series 1 & 2

Wanted abs hoses for escort mk4 cab Spares Wtd Ad. Engine in good working order Saloon Spares Wtd Ad. Photo avail on request. Paint still in screw holes, no evidence of glass ever being fitted. Completely bare panel no fittings attached whatsoever. Very rare in this condition. ZERO Corrosion on either reflector. No stonechips in glass at all. Plastic backs in mint condition.

No brackets or original Es wiring plug. No cracks or damage, all mounting towers un-broken. Escort rs turbo breakers send e-mail photo on request. Not seized breakes we've tested them! Will give money back warranty. Ready to use as it is. Pics available on request. Brezkers available separately tturbo enquire. Piccies available on requst to speedshack live. This has previously Escort rs turbo breakers fitted into an Escort Mk3 or 4 hreakers possibly a Fiesta Mk3 - it has CVH Water pump fitted with an adaptor plate, and an oil drain fitting on the bottom of the block. No pistons or crank fitted.

Photo available on request no obligation just ask! Photo available just ask! Photos available on request. This is a used cam that had around a weeks use from new. Will require followers and uprated valve springs. Complete with fuel pressure regulator etc, - used. All fully assembled and as removed from vehicle and dry stored around 3 years ago. Previous owner stated rebuilt but we have no evidence, and as the the bores have measured standard any rebuild must've extended to just new rings and bearing shells maybe? Not genuine FORD but from a known good running car. Highly Polished alloy finish. Pic available on request. No cold air pipe.

Gasket baby fuel pressure gauge and includes a nearly new FACET Cube type fule pump and fittings, throttle cable bracket, throttle cable and heatshield bolts to rocker cover screws.